Color Me Beautiful and Beautiful Banyan are doing our work together in the sister circle!! If you’re ready to start or continue your work, no matter where you are in your journey, we’d love for you to join us! If everything you’ve been working towards; all the things you desire for your life, are in your direct line of sight, but just out of reach, this course will be supportive to you! We’re going to be doing our work in the sister circle for healthier versions of ourselves and all that which is for our highest good.

Come Color Yourself Beautiful…Beautiful!

Through this 4-week class you will:

1. Get clear on what qualifies as healthy relationships and how to cultivate them in your life
2. Understand boundaries, how to set them, enforce them and have healthier relationships as a result
3. Examine mindset, it’s impact and how to shift into more supportive thinking
4. Understand the dynamics of trauma and grief and how to begin the work of healing it

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