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Put Your Mask On First

• Overview & Benefits of Self-Preservation • Self-Preservation Practices

Safe Container & Toolbox

Creating Sacred Space • Essential Oils & Gemstones

4 Facet Gem

Exploring the Four Primary Layers of Yourself

Imprinting & Epigenetics

Understanding the Lasting Effects of Certain Experiences • Overview of Epigenetics

Self-Care Is Not A Luxury

• Understanding Self-Care • Self-Care Practices & Modalities

Body Work & MAPS

HealHer; Identifying Your Area Of Healing & Growth-Work • Intro to MAPS; a Healing Modality

Aces & Toxic Stress

Understanding the Impact of Childhood Experiences • The Effects of Toxic Stress

You Better Believe It

Deep Dive into Belief Systems • Reexamining & Redefining Beliefs

Human Design System 1

Overview of Human Design; Personal Design Concept • A Personal GPS For Your Life

Why You Do That Thing

Overview of Five Love Languages • Apology Language • Four Tendencies

Energy Body 101

Understanding the Effects of Energy • Chakra System Overview • Energy Medicine

Mind Games

Overview of The Role Your Mind Plays • Discerment  

Human Design System 2

Intuition • Nurturing The Inner Child • Shadow Work

What's Up With You?

Emotional Intelligence • Triggers Boundaries • Standards & Preferences 

Grow Through It

Deep Dive into HealHer • PARTI; Healing Modality for Addressing the Work 

Essene Mirrors

Discerning How and What the Universe Shows You About Yourself to Prompt Growth

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