A course for those who are ready to do the work necessary to live a life of self-love, authenticity and clarity.


This course includes 20 classes

Each class varies in length but are generally 1.5 – 2 hours. Any supporting resources or documents for classes are included in the membership portal. 

This course comes with tons of resources, support and benefits that are not available with individual class purchases.


This course was originally a year long program and is now being made available in a learn at your own pace format. It is designed to give you the tools to identify, address & heal the things that are keeping you stuck, disconnected and unfulfilled so you can live the life you want…the one you deserve!

Through this course you will learn:

1. Every nuanced part of yourself
2. How to identify
& acknowledge core wounds
3. V
arious growth & healing techniques
4. How to integrate daily practices to solidify your healing work


You’ll have access for the lifetime of the course; for as long as I continue to maintain the current version Healing From the Inside Out. Guaranteed access for AT LEAST one year after enrollment.

Put Your Mask On First

• Overview & Benefits of Self-Preservation • Self-Preservation Practices

Self-Care Is Not A Luxury

• Understanding Self-Care • Self-Care Practices & Modalities

Safe Container & Toolbox 1.0

Creating Sacred Space • Essential Oils & Gemstones

Body Work & MAPS

HealHer; Identifying Your Area Of Healing & Growth-Work • Intro to MAPS; a Healing Modality

4 Facet Gem

Exploring the Four Primary Layers of Yourself

Aces & Toxic Stress

Understanding the Impact of Childhood Experiences • The Effects of Toxic Stress

Imprinting & Epigenetics

Understanding the Lasting Effects of Certain Experiences • Overview of Epigenetics

You Better Believe It

Deep Dive into Belief Systems • Reexamining & Redefining Beliefs

Human Design System

Overview of Human Design; Personal Design Concept • A Personal GPS For Your Life

Why You Do That Thing You Do

Overview of Five Love Languages • Apology Language • Four Tendencies

What's Up With You?

Emotional Intelligence • Triggers Boundaries • Standards & Preferences 

Energy Body 101

Understanding the Effects of Energy • Chakra System Overview • Energy Medicine

Grow Through It

Deep Dive into HealHer • PARTI; Healing Modality for Addressing the Work 

Mind Games & Blurred Lines

Overview of The Role Your Mind Plays • Discerment  

Essene Mirrors

Discerning How and What the Universe Shows You About Yourself to Prompt Growth

The Re-Parenting

Intuition • Nurturing The Inner Child • Shadow Work

Braving The Wilderness

Understanding True Belonging • Courage & Authenticity

Heaven On Earth

Whole Life Prosperity; Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical & Financial Well-Being

Inside Out Toolbox 2.0

Herbs • Somatic Therapy Modalities • Essential Oils

Manifestation & Miracles

Intentionality, Alignment & Diligence as a Tool for Cultivating The Life You Want

Sweet Sabbatical

How to Craft Alone Time for Healing, Alignment and Regenerative Growth



“Marea thank you for this class, really made me revisit some things. Eternally grateful!”


“Going through the exercises made me realize I still have some work to do. You are a remarkable woman, thank you.”

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