CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to expand your resources for growth-work! Welcome to HEALING FROM THE INSIDE OUT!! As you begin this course, there are a few things I want to suggest…

  • Take your time! There is no rush, no time requirements for completion and nothing to prove to anyone. The goal is to expand your knowledge, stretch yourself and add some supportive tools to your toolbox.
  • Be gentle with yourself! This work is not easy, if it were everyone would do their work. Some parts are going to require you to dig deep, accept things that are not pleasant and let go of some ideas, ideals and desires. Some of this work is hard…but you can do hard things!
  • Be honest with yourself. This is personal, life-affirming and life altering work, don’t do yourself the disservice of anything short of full transparency and complete honesty. There’s no need to judge yourself, past or current circumstances or decisions, or the condition of your life today. Focus on your decision, willingness, intention and dedication to doing your work to be better each day!
  • Assume responsibility for your life. Being able to take 100% responsibility for your life and whatever condition it is in today…also gives you 100% of the power to have it be what you want it to be. How beautiful is that!! This perspective shift will be very supportive as you do this work.
  • Minimize any distractions that could interfere with your work. And there will be PLENTY! Whenever we start to make change, all types of distractions pop up. These include situations, people, thoughts, roadblocks and self-sabotage. STAY FOCUSED, remember why you started down this path and don’t allow the distractions to stop you from growing and doing your work!